Monday, February 28, 2011

Day 2 - Finishing the roof sheeting

After a good rest over the weekend, we continued the process of installing the plastic sheeting on the greenhouse structure.

Upon arriving at the farm on Monday, Feb 28, we were pleased to see that the wooden structure and plastic sheeting installed last week were both still in good shape.  And though the weather wasn't sunny, it wasn't raining, either.

So, we got started, with renewed determination to finish this project up this week.  We also had a new member of the work crew, Paul Stockley, a member of the UK board of trustees who is visiting IMiC in Colombia for the next few weeks. 

Henry Rairan, left, with Paul Stockley securing the plastic sheeting to one of the trusses.
Fortunately, it only sprinkled a few times during the day, nothing to compare with our experience of last week.

We did improve our techniques, but most of the crew had to leave to do other tasks by mid-afternoon.  So we were only able to finish the rest of the roof.  The process of installing plastic on the roof is definitely tedious and time consuming.

Here's the greenhouse progress after the second day of installing plastic.  The roof plastic is secured, but the gutters remain to be formed.

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