Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Footings for the greenhouse

The two previous greenhouses built at Granja Peniel have had the wooden posts buried in the ground.  These posts have suffered rot, which shortened the life of the structure.

This time we have been blessed to be able to install concrete footings for the posts - so we hope and expect they will last much longer.

Neider, Leonardo, and John Egson all helped digging the holes for the footings.  They dug the holes down to a depth of about 60 cm (24 inches).  At the same time, Grant and John Egson cut and welded stirrups from 1-1/4" x 3/16" strap to be imbedded in the footing to support the wooden posts.

John Egson showing some of the stirrups to be imbedded in the footings.

Most of the older boys at the farm got involved in the actual mixing of the concrete and pouring of the footings.

William Gomez (l) and Duvan watching as Einer and Andres Castro load the wheelbarrow with concrete.

Henry shoveling and John Egson guiding the concrete into the hole.

We used short pieces of 8" inch diameter cardboard tubing to form the collar of the holes and support the stirrups at their proper elevation.

Now it is Alex Mora's and Duvan's turn to mix and load the concrete.

Gonzalo holding a stirrup before it is inserted into the concrete, while John Egson and Henry look on.

In the end, they mixed about a cubic meter of concrete in order to pour footings for 12 normal posts, 4 long posts, and 10 anchor eye bolts.

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