Tuesday, February 1, 2011

We're GO for building a greenhouse!

In late January, God provided a large, unexpected donation that enabled us to buy the remaining materials to begin building a greenhouse for Granja Peniel.

We have been seeing the need for and planning the greenhouse for several months now, but God just now has provided all the elements that will make it possible to proceed. 

Above you see the gravel for making concrete footings that we purchased this week.  In the background notice some of the eucalyptus blocks that were donated by United Church of Bogota last year.  These blocks we will cut into 4"x4" posts and 2"x4" boards to make the wooden structure for the greenhouse.

From the donation, we were also able to buy cement to make concrete.

This photo shows the steel angle and strap purchased to make anchors and connections for the wooden structure.

We also bought plastice sheeting to cover the wooden structure. 

The completed greenhouse will enable the children and staff at Granja Peniel, Lord willing, to grow many more of the vegetables that they eat at the farm on a daily basis, as well as help them provide vegetables for some of the other operations in the IMC ministry.

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  1. Grant - I am just catching up on your posts and am so ecstatic about your new green house! What a gift. I know that everybody will benefit from such a project. Congratulations and we wish you continued good success!
    D + K (in Italy now)