Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Greenhouse ends and gutters

By the end of February, after finishing the roof of the greenhouse, we were hopeful that the hard part was over.  But, sadly, we were wrong!  We still had plenty of hard work left on this project.

The roof is on, but there is plenty of hard work left

So, we began forming the gutters and closing in the ends of the structure.  We found these efforts to be tedious and time-consuming.

Paul Stockley working to form the central gutter.

Paul took on the challenge of figuring out how to form the gutters, which turned out to be a little tricky, especially in the sequence of stapling the plastic together at the end of the structure.  

Roof and gutters in place

Covering the apex shapes at the ends of the structure also proved to be difficult, working up in the air, attaching plastic to the structure that wasn't all in the same plane.  But we managed...

Apex of the roof area now covered

We added some new framing on the ends of the greenhouse to support the plastic.  We could have used cable for this purpose, but the distances between posts was less than three meters and we still had plenty of 3 meter long 2x4's to work with.

Leonardo Guzman nailing lathe to attach plastic sheeting to the end framing, while Henry Rairan supports the framing inside and Johan Egson (red coat) looks on.
The cloudy and rainy weather during this period didn't help our enthusiasm for getting on with the work, there are always things to do in the nice, dry shop!

North-western end of the greenhouse nearing completion on March 8.

With weather delays and other distractions, we didn't fully enlose the east end of the greenhouse until March 14.

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