Friday, November 25, 2011

Products for the ministry fair

Armed with two new drill presses, we got busy in November producing products to sell at the ministry fair on November 28th.  For the fair, we decided to make some nice wooden cars from hardwood, finish up some Christmas trees that we started last year, and mostly focus on producing cute house-shaped plaques.

Below is a shot of the finished Christmas trees and nearly finished cars and plaques.

If you'd like to see more of the process of the kids making these products, continue scrolling down.

Wooden Cars

William Gomez (left) and Kevin Garcia sanding components for wooden cars

Sebastian Arce cutting out wheels for the cars

Kevin Garcia clamping the car body components together

Yordan Muñoz gluing up the car bodies

William Cruz (left) and Anderson Mora assembling car bodies

Anderson Mora sanding a hardwood wheel on the lathe

What a difference the finish makes!  

We applied 3 coats of tung oil to bring out the natural beauty of the oak and sapan hardwoods used  to make the cars

William Cruz applying the finish

House Plaques

The plaques are cut out from a sheet of 3mm thick medium density fiberboard (MDF) using the scrolling saw.  Then the exterior shape is sanded and the tile roof texture and window frames are added using a wood burning pen fitted with various tips.  Somehow I managed not to capture these steps in the photos....

Then Anderson Mora applied stain to the area of the simulated roof tile

Jerson Espinosa blowing off dust before we applied another coat of sanding sealer

House plaques after applying a coat of tinted lacquer

Sebastian Arce drilling pilot holes while Kevin Garcia (left) and Arley Rocha (right) install hooks for keys

Christmas Trees

Johan Fonseca cutting slots in the tree shapes using a dado stack on the table saw

Jerson Espinosa showing the tree shape now mounted on a round base

We then burned an emblem onto the tree shape which we colored before  applying sanding sealer and clear lacquer

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