Monday, November 28, 2011

Ministry Fair at Granja Peniel

The IMC ministry held a ministry fair at the farm on November 28, 2011 in order to raise funds to help meet end of year expenses, which is always a challenge, primarily because, in Colombia, employees receive special bonus payments in December.

The Lord greatly blessed the fair this year, both through a large turnout - and by giving us truly lovely weather that day.

The main attraction was a barbeque, featuring meat and all the trappings from a cow that had been raised at the farm

The newly refurbished ping-pong table got a workout, as did the children's park

Andres Castro helping manage the barbeque

Alejandra Guzman selling fresh, organic vegetables from the greenhouse at Granja Peniel

Also for sale were yogurt, cheese, and eggs produced at the farm

Here the products from the workshop were offered for sale, including the house-shaped plaques, Christmas trees, and wooden cars

Unfortunately, the only shop product that sold that day was one of the wooden cars.  The other products were shipped to the UK for sale there.

An auction was held for several items, including the rocking chair that we refurbished in the workshop, which sold for $80,000 pesos (about $44 US).

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