Friday, May 28, 2010

Younger boys - car fever

Last year, the younger boys (age 5-10) were making wooden cars similar to the evangelical cars that the older boys made to take to Haiti.

But other priorities came up - so I put those partially completed cars away in a box for another day.

Since our return from the Haiti trip on May 4th, I've been working with the younger boys again to help them finish their cars.

We have three boys who are new to the farm this year - and therefore didn't start on the project last year. So they have started from scratch, cutting out the body on the scrolling saw. The newest boy, Alberto, was afraid of the saw initially. I told him that God has given him a great gift - that of being careful, and that this gift will serve him well in his life. To get started, I guided his hands feeding the piece on the work table of the saw. When he got used to the noise, even though we were wearing ear muffs, he did fine and was nearly on his own by the time he finished cutting out the shape.

Most of the other boys have been sanding their car body using sanding drums on the drill press. Their next step is cutting out the wheels.

Four of the boys, Andres and Johan Jimenez, Kevin Rocha, and William Cruz, cut out their wheels last week and finished assembling their cars this week. They now only have to dip them in preservative to finish the project.

I'll add some pictures next week to show you the boys and their cars.

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