Monday, May 10, 2010

Stamping and Dunking the cars for Haiti

We were getting down to a matter of days before our trip to Haiti, so there was no more time to wait.

These cars need to be stamped with a Bible verse (in Haitian Creole) and a protective finish applied to get them ready to make the trip.

With the help of our work team leader, Tom Veneman, who knows Creole and has lived and worked in Haiti as a missionary, I selected a portion of 1 John 4:16 (God is love) as the verse to stamp on the cars.

I got the rubber stamp with the verse and the IMC logo made in Bogota and then we were ready to start the presses rolling.  Well, not really, we just used a stamp pad.  On April 19th, the cars got stamped.

Once the ink was dry, then I dunked the entire car in a wood preservative that doesn't contain any heavy metals, in case kids start chewing on the cars some day.  The next day, after they had dried, they got dunked again. 

The cars on the far table have been stamped but not dunked.  The cars on the near table are darker because they are saturated with the wood preservative.

I was thankful for the work of all the kids in getting these cars ready on time for our trip, which started on April 23.

The 50 cars ready for packing and shipment.

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  1. Great to see the finished cars! I hope your trip to Haiti was successful. Take care.