Thursday, March 1, 2012

Fabricating a belt guard for the compressor

The Lord, (or my concience), or both spoke to me during my trip to the US in January about the priority that I should put on making a belt guard for the compressor.  We have been operating the compressor since 2005 with open V belts, which presents a significant hazard.  Thankfully, we haven't had any injuries or incidents, but the time was way overdue to fix this unsafe situation.

So, my first priority upon my return was to build a belt guard, something that I started back in 2005, but allowed to fall by the wayside in favor of other more interesting and pressing tasks.

The compressor belts with the piece of the guard that was completed back in 2005.
Building the top half of the inside frame

The top inside frame now in place

Now the wire mesh added to the new frame

Cutting and welding the angle iron to curve the outside frame

The completed outside frame

Outside frame covered with wire mesh

The complete belt guard in place

Now all we need to do is paint it...
I'll add a finished photo once we do get it painted, along with several other recently welded up items....

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