Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fixing the Ping-Pong table

Back in September, we began working to refurbish the ping-pong table, which had suffered some abuse and needed some minor repairs.

The main damage to the table was that the flat bar knee braces on the legs were terribly bent up and really weren't strong enough for the job.  So, we bought some small (3/4" x 3/4") angle and made new knee braces.

Anderson Mora cut the angle to length and here is rounding off the corners with a small grinder.

Anderson drilling holes in each end of the new knee braces.

Johan Egson Fonseca painting the new braces.

In addition to making the new braces, we added hardwood reinforcements under the table top where the particle board had cracked.

We didn't actually put everything together until after I returned from England in late October.

Here are a couple shots of the renovated ping pong table before it left the shop:

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  1. Grant,
    What an amazing shop you have created there. I can see these young men are developing lifetime skills here as well as the sense of accomplishment in making quality items and projects. May God continue to bless Granja Peniel and certainly the work shop there. God bless you and Hello to Kathleen from JoAnn and I.