Thursday, September 1, 2011

Repairing two stools

Our ministry director, Nancy Centeno, arrived at the farm one day in July with a couple of mostly disassembled stools and requested that we fix them up for someone that will reimburse the ministry for the work.

Unfortunately, I wasn't on the ball enough to take a "before" shot, but here's a record of the work the kids did to re-assemble, reinforce, and re-finish them.

We started by gluing and re-assembling the structure of the stools.  It appeared the original manufacturer had used very little glue!  Next, we prepared some small corner reinforcements using similar hardwood to the stools, so they would blend in to the structure.

Anderson Mora preparing to attach corner reinforcements to strengthen the structure of the stools.

Then the boys sanded the entire structure of the stools to remove defects and get them ready for re-finishing.

Sebastian Avila using the palm sander -  with a stretch!

We applied several coats of sanding sealer to the new reinforcements, to bring the smoothness and shine of the wood up to match the original structure of the stools.

Alexander Garcia applying sanding sealer to the corner reinforcements.

Then more sanding..

Camilo Castro (left) and William Cruz (right) sanding after another coat of sealer.

 And more sealer,

Andres Castro mixing the sanding sealer.

and more sanding,
William Cruz smoothing the surface of the sanding sealer.

and finally a couple of coats of lacquer to finish the job.  We also re-stapled the cushions and re-attached them to the stools.  The result was quite nice, the stools look like new!

The refitted stools ready for delivery.  Good job, guys!

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  1. Excellent job. They are learning to work to glorify the Lord.

    Excelente trabajo. Estan aprendiendo a trabajar para glorificar a Dios. "Y todo lo que hagais, hacedlo de corazon, como para el Senor y no para los hombres." Col. 3:23