Friday, August 12, 2011

Making signs around the farm

Here's a sign the staff put together one afternoon with bottle caps, marking the start of an environmental trail winding through the pasture lands at Granja Peniel
As a money-raising activity, the ministry has recently begun offering Granja Peniel as a field trip destination to schools in Bogota.  To help make their visits more educational, we needed some signs around the farm explaining the names of the various animals and facilities we have.

So, we found some scrap particle board sheets in the workshop that would fill the need for the time being, and cut them into practical sizes for signs.

Then the boys got busy painting...Anderson Mora and Arley Rocha got the nod.

We decided a nice green background would look nice, it was the best color of paint we had on hand, too.

Arley Rocha giving the new signs a nice coat of paint

Anderson Mora applying a second coat.
 Most of the particle board had came from office dividers and furniture - and was equipped with plastic edge trim.  Thinking that this trim may help extend the life of the signs out in the rain, I found some more trim (cheap) in Bogota.  After the signs were painted,  we installed old or new trim on all the signs.

 Then we turned the signs over to Alejandra and Angie Guzman for the hard work - that is lettering!  They have the artist's touch and made the plain painted wood into functional signs.  I don't have photos of their efforts, but here are some shots of how the finished signs look.

Here's the sign on the greenhouse - huerta means garden in Spanish
And the sign on the rabbit shed
And a sign listing the different breeds of the cows at the corral
And last, but not least, the sign at the sheds where the goats spend their nights.
We do plan to make more permanent signs one day soon, probably gluing up some pine lumber that we have on hand - and using a router to make at least some of the lettering.  But the signs above that we put together in less than a week will do the job nicely in the meantime...

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