Tuesday, May 10, 2011

School Project

William Gomez and Camilo Castro were assigned a project by their teacher at the public school to build a picture/pen holder from wood to be given to their mother for Mother's Day.  The project came with some specific dimensions and instructions which were duly noted by William and Camilo.  They came to me for help in completing the project.

They also had some discretion in the materials and methods used to build the picture/pen holder.  Camilo chose to build his from one larger solid piece of wood, and William chose to follow the teacher's suggestions for gluing together smaller blocks of wood.

The boys started by cutting out the smaller blocks for William's approach on the table saw.  They got to see the benefits of using a fingerboard and also clamping a block to the fence for making blocks all the same length.

Camilo Castro ripping a small board using a featherboard while William receives the other end.

William cutting the squared up board into blocks of equal length.
The boys got some help from Anderson Mora in sanding the pieces of their project:

Anderson Mora hand sanding the little blocks for William.

Unfortunately, I didn't take any more pictures of their work except the finished product from Camilo, as shown below:

Camilo's finished picture/pen holder.

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