Thursday, April 14, 2011

Rabbit hutches

We wrote a few weeks back about building new apartments for the laying hens, and well, the rabbits also find themselves needing new quarters because of their expanding population.  We have five pregnant rabbit mothers who are needing a place to take proper care of their clutch.

So we got busy with the boys to prepare four new hutches to meet the demand.

Anderson Mora cutting 1/4" plywood to form the sides and end of the hutch.

Johan Egson Fonseca cutting the entrance hole for the hutch.

Arley Rocha, right, preparing the pieces for assembly while William Cruz, left, secures them with the pneumatic staple gun.

Sebastian Avila uses screws and a drill to assemble the hutch.
The finished hutches before they left the shop. 

Fortunately, when the baby rabbits were born, their mothers had new hutches to protect them in, so they all survived just fine.

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